Syn-Tech Solid Bearing Oil

Syn-Tech Solid Bearing Oil, or SBO, is a revolutionary maintenance free lubricant system. It is a unique combination of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil in a solid porous polymer carrier
formulated to gradually release oil around the moving internal surfaces, ensuring uniform and consistent lubrication for the operating life of the bearing. It can supply bearings with
up to four times the amount of oil compared to a conventional bearing grease. The polymer carrier also forms a wall, blocking particulate contamination without the need for expensive seals.

This product can be used to lubricate ball, tapered roller, needle roller, spherical roller and cylindrical roller bearings at temperatures from -40°C to 130°C.
Syn-Tech SBO is very stable with almost zero leakage. It will, however, release oil if it comes in contact with a porous material such as cloth or paper. Be careful where you lay this sample bearing down on it’s side.

The SBO is supplied in a liquid form. The fluid is first poured into a bearing, allowing time for entrapped air bubbles to escape. Warming the bearing and fluid to 80°C will allow bubbles to escape easier. It is then heated to 155°C-160°C for about 30 minutes. The product will turn translucent when sufficient time has elapsed. After cooling the bearing is ready to use.

Solid bearing oil products with an SBOG designation are slightly gelled for difficult to fill bearings. These products can be applied with a spatula to force the lubricant into the bearing’s openings. They are also heated to 155°C -160°C before use.


Please contact Syn-Tech Ltd. if you are interested in testing one of our solid bearing oils. One of our sales engineers will assist you in choosing the correct grade for your application. If needed Syn-Tech Ltd. will formulate a solid bearing oil to meet the requirements of your application based on a full range of oil viscosities, additive packages and colors. H1 food grade solid bearing oils are available.