Syn-tech Ltd.: Zero Migration Automotive Interior Lubricants

Oil migration from a lubricant used on interior components can create staining of plastics and fabrics, contamination of electrical contacts and premature grease failure due to oil loss resulting in increased customer complaints, warranty work and the potential for recalls.

Oil migration can be induced by resin surface finish, temperature gradients and capillary forces. Syn-Tech Ltd’s automotive customers are constantly pushing the limits of electrical switches, interior compartment door assemblies and actuators by reducing material content to make them lighter in weight. Lubricants used in automotive cabins must exhibit no oil migration at high temperature without increasing efforts at low temperatures.

Syn-Tech Ltd. has developed a full line of zero migration greases for plastic and metal actuators, hinges and slides. We also provide greases for the mechanical sections of high current, butt action window lift switches that prevent oil migration onto heat generating switch contacts. Advantages seen are enhanced visuals, improved smooth feel and extended component life while exhibiting low grease induced efforts at temperatures below -40°C and providing a robust lubricating film at temperatures greater than 100°C. New products can also be formulated to address the customer’s specific application(s). Visit us at Stand 476