Presentation Deadlines & Specifications

Please make a note of the following important submission deadlines and file preparation guidance. Please note this information is only applicable if you will be supporting your speaking opportunity with a PowerPoint file: 

  • Important Deadline 1: 16 February 2024 – All  PowerPoint Presentations MUST be submitted by this date for Content / Technical approval (applicable to speakers using a presentation file only)
  • Important Deadline 2:  1st March 2024 – FINAL DEADLINE UPDATED PRESENTATIONS(applicable to speakers using a presentation file only)


All PowerPoints must be submitted for content/technical review to: 


We will check your slides to ensure they address the topics/ points previously agreed with our conference team (N.B. sales/ product pitches are not permitted).

We will also check your slides to ensure they display/navigate correctly and that any video/ audio/ animations you have included work as intended.

Please submit your presentation file in both PPT and PDF formats (to allow us to check for corporate/ non-standard font use).

If you wish to share an alternative version of this file (e.g. more in-depth or with sensitive content removed), as part of our post event proceedings, please also submit this version at this time (PDF format please).

Your attention to these deadlines will help us create a seamless program. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Content & Technical Specifications: 

  • N.B. sales/ product pitches are not permitted – we want to make this a constructive and enlightening conversation around shared challenges and developments and in our experience, those sharing thought leadership will garner the best response from the audience.
  • Extensive corporate profiling is discouraged – please include no more than 2 x slides that give an overview of your company and limit the number of product and trademark references throughout
  • All presentations will be launched and navigated from a single master laptop in the conference theatres. Use of your own laptop will therefore not be permitted
  • Presentations must be submitted in Microsoft PowerPoint(PPT). PDF’s will only be accepted during the review process alongside the PPT file (to check for corporate/ non-standard font use), or as a proceedings file version, and cannot be used on the day
  • Your presentation should be created and saved in On-screen Show format (16:9)/ widescreen as opposed to 4:3 ratio
  • Please ensure the number of slides submitted is suitable for your speaking time – we have a busy schedule, therefore overrunning will not be possible
  • If you are using any corporate fonts please also supply these along with any movie/music file codec
  • Please ensure you have written permission for the use of any music/photos or film used in your presentation
  • If you plan to show video(s) during your presentation, please do not embed them into your PowerPoint file: 
    • Submit them as separate/ stand-alone files, hyperlinked into your presentation file 
    • We will be happy to link the videos in for you, if the appropriate set-up instructions are also provided
  • If you would like to incorporate any of our logos into your presentation file, please click HERE
  • To submit your presentation file: 
    • Smaller presentation files can be submitted by email 
    • Larger files can be transferred via services like Sharepoint, WeTransfer, Dropbox etc 
    • In both instances, please send to Louise Johnson at  

Resource Centre

Please click on the links provided below to access further information that will help you prepare for your speaking opportunity: