Master Fluid Solutions® Releases TRIM® E715 in North America for Demanding, MultiMetal Operations

Versatile emulsion provides superior lubricity and corrosion protection with low residue for all manufacturers.

Perrysburg, Ohio, September December 06, 2022 – Master Fluid Solutions


The team at Master Fluid Solutions® is thrilled to announce the latest addition to their North American TRIM® catalog, TRIM® E715. The versatile, universally applicable emulsion provides superior lubricity and corrosion protection to a wide range of materials with minimal maintenance. The highly stable formula enables consistent machining to deliver high-quality parts.

“TRIM® E715 has been a best seller in Europe and makes the perfect addition to our U.S. catalog,” says Justin Geach, Global OEM/MTB and NA NBD Manager. “E715 is one of our most versatile emulsions, compatible with cast iron, yellow metal, and copper, as well as more advanced materials like Inconel®, steel alloys, and other exotic alloys.”

E715 provides long operational life and consistent, high-quality surface finishes with improved tool life. E715 is hard water stable and rejects tramp oil for easy removal. Resistant to fungus and bacteria, Free of chlorine or sulfurized additives, E715 is also easy to maintain.

E715 is designed for easy disposal without the need for any special handling, and the low maintenance requirements allow operators to run the fluid for long periods without any additives.

Especially prized for its ease of management, E715 helped a UK-based aerospace manufacturer completely resolve its bacteria and sump life issues.

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