Master Fluid Solutions® Introduces TRIM® E860 Emulsion to North America for Precision Parts Manufacturers

Proven high-quality, stable emulsion helps manufacturers maximize productivity.

Perrysburg, Ohio, December 8, 2022 – Master Fluid Solutions

Master Fluid Solutions® is proud to announce the newest emulsion to join their signature North American TRIM® line, TRIM® E860. The high-quality fluid is compatible with a broad range of ferrous and nonferrous metals and adept in both grinding and cutting operations. Valued for its stability, the new product is a go-to solution for precision parts manufacturers, as well as any customers looking for consistent performance.

“TRIM® E860 is the perfect addition to our family of emulsions, providing excellent reliability and finish quality for a wide range of drilling, milling, turning, and tapping operations,” says Justin Geach, Global OEM/MTB and NA NBD Manager. “The fluid offers a tight emulsion for low carry off and excels in heavy-duty operations on all materials offering excellent tool life and surface finishes.”

With a great balance between lubricity and cooling ability, E860 is an ideal solution for heavyduty and general machining. It also meets the stringent needs of manufacturers utilizing a wide range of materials and operations. The long sump life formula is free of biocides, phenolic compounds, and sulfur for easy disposal and wide material compatibility, as well as being able to perform optimally in hard water environments. E860 is naturally resistant to tramp oil and maximizes separation in the sump for easy removal, reducing overall fluid maintenance times. During use, the fluid leaves a light residue to prevent corrosion.

TRIM® E860 has already shown to dramatically improve key KPIs for customers across the globe. A climate systems manufacturer based in South Korea increased tool life by 40% after switching to the new emulsion. In another case, an Indian automotive and aerospace parts manufacturer

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