Interview with Kalyan Mutyala, Ford Motor Company and Conference Speaker

Read our exclusive interview with Kalyan Mutyala, Research Engineer for Ford Motor Company and speaker for Lubricant Expo North America free-to-attend conference. It was a pleasure to discuss his role, Ford’s upcoming projects and what he hopes to see at the event in March.

Q1) Can you tell us about your role at Ford? What excites you / keeps you up at night?

In my role as a Tribologist at Ford, I have the responsibility of developing high-performance lubricants specifically designed for Electric Vehicles (EVs). The most invigorating aspect of my role lies in the intricacy of the work and the continuous opportunities for innovation. The process of developing advanced lubricants is not a standalone task, rather it involves closely working with internal teams and external partners that’s both challenging and rewarding. It’s this constant pursuit of innovation, the anticipation of new breakthroughs, and the passion for creating a sustainable future that fuels my excitement.


Q2) You are speaking on future vehicle architectures for EVs. What are the key trends and challenges driving your sector at present ?

The industry is witnessing a significant shift towards sustainable alternatives, predominantly bio-based and re-refined base oils, driven by the imperative to reduce our carbon footprint. However, the transition is not without its challenges, with key areas of concern being the balance between maintaining high-performance attributes, ensuring a scalable supply chain, and managing costs.


Q3) Are there any exciting or interesting project you are working on that you can share with the audience ?

One area of interest is to develop low viscosity fluids for EVs to improve performance. A more compelling prospect lies in merging this technological advancement with sustainability.


Q4) What are you hoping to see at Lubricant Expo North America ?

I am eager to gain insights into how the lubricant industry is adapting to the global sustainability movement. I anticipate learning about the recent advances in sustainable lubricant technology, the challenges and opportunities it presents, as well as the potential impact on the EV lubricants. I’m also looking forward to discovering new suppliers and establishing connections with industry-leading companies who are spearheading these innovations. This event will be a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas with industry experts, and I am excited to join the conversation.