Interview with Advisory Board Member Sanya Mathura: Her role, Women in the Industry and more

We are pleased to share an exclusive interview with Sanya Mathura, Founder of Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd. and the latest member of the Lubricant Expo North America Advisory Board. Find out about her role, her thoughts on the changing industry, women in the industry and why she is excited for Lubricant Expo North America.


Q1) What is your role at Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd and what most excites you about your job? 

I am the Founder of Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd and we’re based in Trinidad & Tobago. We have global affiliates who help us to bring more value to our customers as they specialize in other areas of reliability. One of the things that really keeps me going everyday is being able to bring value to our customers. We have clients with the most interesting situations as they work in all areas such as marine, industrial, commercial, transportation. By working together, we can help solve those issues for them and get their equipment back to a normal operating state. Just being able to help make an impact in the lives of others whether it’s through troubleshooting lubricant related issues or providing experience and knowledge about particular areas of machinery lubrication really excites and keeps me grounded because that’s what it’s all about, spreading the lubrication word and value that it can bring.


Q2) You have over 10 years of experience within the lubrication industry. In this time, how much has the industry changed? What changes do you think need to happen next?

So much has changed over the last decade! When I was first entering the industry, varnish was almost unheard of and then it made it’s big debut and decided to announce itself to the world. Some of the first challenges that I worked on were varnish related and at a time when there was very limited research on it which has changed significantly! It’s really interesting to see how much technology has developed from the types of tests being used back then to the solutions which are available now.

We’ve seen the change towards lighter weight oils going down to the 0w16s for the gasoline engines as well as more collaboration in the industry where OEMs are working more closely alongside oil manufacturers to create specialty oils which are more energy efficient or suited for particular purposes. We’ve also seen the rise in EV lubricants where in the last decade if you spoke to someone and said that your car will not use an engine oil  anymore they would think that it could never happen.

The industry has evolved so much in terms of innovation and technology to make the lubricants lighter, faster, more efficient that the changes I wish we could see next would be regarding the sustainability of these oils. We focus a lot on their performance but not so much on what happens after it has been used or performed its function. The next step, I believe is to push forward into making more advancements into circular lubricants and increasing access to knowledge for all. It always goes back to spreading the knowledge.


Q3) You are a proud advocator for women in STEM. How do you think this cause can contribute to your involvement in Lubricant Expo North America?

Yes, someone will always find me advocating for more women in STEM simply because we need more diversity in these fields! Especially in the field of lubrication, there are not many women involved and I think this should change, it is an area a lot of women shy away from, but I don’t think they should. Being female in this industry sometimes means that you may not be treated the same as your male counterparts but I think that by being a part of the board that we can begin to bring about this change. We can start the conversations and get more women involved.

Women bring such diversity of thought to so many areas and I hope that by being on the board for the Lubricant EXPO North America that I can encourage more women to view this as a field that they want to be a part of, to help change the future. If you can see something, you already know it’s possible and that breaks down the entry barrier, so I hope my presence can encourage more women to join this field because it is a field that I absolutely love!



Q4) The first Lubricant Expo took place in Germany. How do you think the North American industry might benefit from the brand establishing a presence here?

Yes, I wanted to attend the first show in Germany but my schedule didn’t allow it. I was following it closely online and knew that I missed out on a lot of great sessions! In North America, there is also a thirst for this type of knowledge and I know the Lubricant Expo team will deliver. Lubrication issues happen globally, thus by establishing a presence in NA, we can help more people to solve these issues by bringing them closer to the experts and the knowledge that this industry brings.



Q5) Strategic Reliability Solutions “aim is to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions that drive tangible business results and deliver long-term value.” How do you do this while keeping up with the industry and society’s drive to become more sustainable?

It has been a bit of a challenge as it is a balancing act. One of the things customers will always ask for is a cheaper option but a cheaper option may not be the best for your equipment. At SRSL, what we do is show all the options and the results associated with these options.

For instance, if someone is purchasing an oil and they are being “budget conscious”, they may purchase the least expensive oil on the shelf. Now, that oil may not be formulated for their engine (or meet the required specifications) and by using it, they may have a shorter oil drain interval or damage their equipment in the long run. In this case, buying the “cheaper” oil cost the customer more in the future. Now, if the customer had done a bit more homework and selected an oil based on the specifications, which was within their budget, then they would have gotten an oil which performs its function, protects their equipment and they don’t have to worry about additional maintenance costs. We have to weigh the overall costs for various options.

It’s all about balance. The underlying fact is to always keep the customer’s interest at heart; what are their requirements, what are they trying to achieve? Having these as clear objectives can help in crafting solutions which align with their objectives while still delivering value. We try to ensure that the solutions we provide aren’t just short term but that they have lasting impacts because at the end of the day, we’re all here to help each other and that’s the only way we can truly be successful, when we work together to achieve the greater good.


Q6) What are you most excited about seeing at Lubricant Expo North America?

I’m excited about the entire event! I can’t wait to hear from some of the other SMEs about what new research they’re doing, talk about some case studies and hear from the attendees as well. The attendees always bring so much value with some of the things they’re experiencing in the field that I love talking to them! It also helps us to find better ways of helping them and keeping the gears turning in bringing the lubrication and reliability message to everyone.