ChemCeed Announces Expansion of its Specialty Esters Product Line for the Lubricants Industry

ChemCeed, a leading provider of specialty chemicals, proudly announces the launch of its new specialty ester product line for the lubrication, grease, and metalworking industry. This expansion further strengthens ChemCeed’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

These esters can be used as synthetic Group V base oils, and are well suited for environmentally friendly lubricants due to their biodegradability and low toxicity profile.  Because ester chemistry is so varied and esters can be linear or branched, saturated, unsaturated, and mono-,di-, or polyfunctional, they also bring with them a wide range of characteristics.

Often esters are the preferred stock due to the properties they impart which benefit specific applications, especially in severe conditions which call for high performance lubricants.  For example, esters have been used in jet engine lubricants for over 50 years due to their combination of low temperature flowablity and good high temperature performance. When compared to mineral oils, synthetic esters and especially diesters offer the advantage of higher viscosity indexes, low pour points, high flash points, low temperature fluidity, low volatility, high thermal stability and oxidation resistance, as well as excellent overall lubricity characteristics.

In addition to specialty esters, ChemCeed supplies corrosion inhibitors, functional additives, base stocks to manufacturers of lubricants, metal working fluids, engine coolants, cleaners, and corrosion protection products. ChemCeed, along with our subsidiary company NCeed Enterprises, brings decades of experience in the Lubrication & Grease market as a trusted supplier.

For more information, visit our booth at this year’s Lubricant Expo or contact ChemCeed to arrange a meeting with one of our sales representatives.