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Syn-Tech Solid Bearing Oil

Syn-Tech Solid Bearing Oil, or SBO, is a revolutionary maintenance free lubricant system. It is a unique combination of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil in a solid porous polymer carrier formulated to gradually release oil around the moving internal surfaces, ensuring uniform and consistent lubrication for the operating life of the bearing. It can supply bearings… Continue

Syn-tech Ltd.: Zero Migration Automotive Interior Lubricants

Oil migration from a lubricant used on interior components can create staining of plastics and fabrics, contamination of electrical contacts and premature grease failure due to oil loss resulting in increased customer complaints, warranty work and the potential for recalls. Oil migration can be induced by resin surface finish, temperature gradients and capillary forces. Syn-Tech… Continue

Engineered Lubricants announces expanded ISO 17025 testing scope.

Engineered Lubricants is pleased to announce a successful recertification audit for both the ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 quality management systems. The recent recertification audit included the addition of two new tests to the ISO 17025 scope, bringing the total up to 18 specialized tests for the lubricant, metalworking and grease market. Recent additions to… Continue

Engineered Lubricants Announces Latest State of the Art Technology Acquisition

Engineered Lubricants is excited to announce the purchase of a new Scanning Electron Microscope to further expand our extensive testing laboratory capabilities. Since 1967 Engineered Lubricants has heavily invested in state-of-the-art technology for the lubrication industry, providing testing and R & D services for all members of the lubrication industry, from customers to suppliers. Engineered… Continue