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Master Fluid Solutions® Introduces TRIM® C290, a High Performance Synthetic Metalworking Fluid with Superior Corrosion Protection

TRIM C290 is a high performance, easy to use and maintain metal removal fluid with very high levels of usable lubricity at the point-of-cut. Perrysburg, Ohio, September 13, 2024 – Master Fluid Solutions® is proud to announce our new, high-performance metalworking fluid, optimized for the chemical, environmental, and machining requirements of general aluminum parts. Formulated… Continue

Master Fluid Solutions® Releases TRIM® E715 in North America for Demanding, MultiMetal Operations

Versatile emulsion provides superior lubricity and corrosion protection with low residue for all manufacturers. Perrysburg, Ohio, September December 06, 2022 – Master Fluid Solutions   The team at Master Fluid Solutions® is thrilled to announce the latest addition to their North American TRIM® catalog, TRIM® E715. The versatile, universally applicable emulsion provides superior lubricity and… Continue

Master Fluid Solutions Introduces TRIM® MicroSol® 685XT, a High-lubricity, Low-foaming Semisynthetic Metalworking Fluid

TRIM MicroSol 685XT provides excellent cooling and mechanical lubricity, along with the machine friendly characteristics you expect from a premium TRIM coolant.   Perrysburg, Ohio, August 09, 2023 – Master Fluid Solutions is proud to announce our new, semisynthetic microemulsion coolant with a formula that offers the performance of a heavy-duty soluble oil with the… Continue

ChemCeed Announces Expansion of its Specialty Esters Product Line for the Lubricants Industry

ChemCeed, a leading provider of specialty chemicals, proudly announces the launch of its new specialty ester product line for the lubrication, grease, and metalworking industry. This expansion further strengthens ChemCeed’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers. These esters can be used as synthetic Group V base oils, and… Continue

IOW Group: The Importance of Centrifugal Oil Separators for Industrial Engines

Large industrial diesel engines are used around the world by a variety of industries, including chemical, power, transport, mining, and oil. These engines need to be maintained, serviced and efficient for companies to be able to enjoy effective production. Here at IOW Group, we’re leading the way in the next generation of centrifugal oil separators,… Continue

Exclusive Interview with Advisory Board Member Cathy Novak from Cadillac Oil Co.

Q1) What is your role at Cadillac Oil? I am the Technical Director at Cadillac Oil.  In general, I keep the projects moving through our department and try to locate other resources (both testing and raw material) as needed to complete the tasks at hand.  I also keep one foot in the Regulatory world and… Continue

Exclusive Interview with Advisory Board Member Troy Muransky, American Axle & Manufacturing

Q1) What does your role at American Axle involve? My role at American Axle & Manufacturing is the Lead Organic Material Engineer and Technical Expert, with global responsibility to support past, current, and future automotive programs. Lubricants is only one of my responsible material categories, but also all other organic materials including, but not limited… Continue

Exclusive Interview with Advisory Board Member: George Zhang, Valvoline

Q1) What is your role at Valvoline? I am currently vice president of International R&D for Valvoline Global Operations, focusing on R&D, formulation development, and technical services for the international part of our operations, and also leading the global R&D strategy and innovation to future proof our business.   Q2) In 24 years, your journey… Continue